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  • Let’s Create Great Places to Work

    Let’s Create Great Places to Work

  • Increase Leadership Capability

    Increase Leadership Capability

  • Engage and Empower

    Engage and Empower

Do you share the top CEO’s challenges?

According to the Conference Board CEO Challenge® of 2013, the items below are the top four challenges that CEO’s face.

– Human Capital

– Operational Excellence

– Innovation

– Customer Relationships 

In addition to these challenges, management is  continuing facing geographic and regional diversity challenges which add more complexity in managing resources, understanding cultures and engaging people to get results.

Core HR Solutions International Inc. will assist clients in the identification of key issues that may be limiting customer service, leadership development, employee engagement, organizational effectiveness, change and innovation. We work with adaptable models that include understanding and integration of multi-perspective approaches, systems alignment, accountability levels and realistic expectations which produces better results. 

Enable better decisions, accountability and results.




  • How important is for you to provide management with powerful systems and tools to help them remove problems, increase clarity, trust, design and collaboration so they can spark engagement, empowerment and innovation.


    Get the benefit of having an online hub that identifies performance variance issues at any level, demographic and group.

    We know that there are both external and internal issues to overcome to face challenges. Focus first on the internal issues as you have control over them. You may have lack or competing resources among people, systems, processes and policies. These internal issues causes that systems get misaligned, critical paths get out-of-date and employees become disengage, which means that customer service, operational efficiency, product quality and shareholder value decreases. Does this make sense, so far?

    Are your systems aligned to add value to services and products?. Are your policies and procedures increasing bureaucracy and blocking innovation?. How do you know that your are making  the right decision?.

    Part of doing business is facing continual developmental challenges, so it is important to have a good feedback system to measure the organizational, leadership and employee capacity to face such challenges. We can offer to you an online system that will provide customized research and  feedback on developmental issues at any level, function or area. Our program will clearly identify developmental barriers and performance variances to start taking action at the right point.

    We will assist you to identify these variances to find the root cause of the problem and the issues involved. You will be able see if the issues involve people, resources, processes, policies or systems and what should take place.

    Let us help you to find out the root cause of your problems and remove them. Check our Organizational Intelligence Services.


    Improve decisions by enhancing leadership and management capabilities.

    Human Capital challenges involve leadership development, management and employee capability. The first step is to assess employee perceptions and believes on the issues at hand. In other words, find out where people stands now and the perceived barriers. Everything is done by people.

    There are many products in the market that can help you to perform employee surveys but not everyone has the right skills to know which are the right questions to ask, we will customize a solution that fits your needs and generate the right analysis for development.

    It is important to have a good feedback system to measure the organizational, leadership and employee capacity to face such challenges. We can offer to you:

    • An online organizational intelligence system that provides customized feedback on developmental issues at any level, function or area.
    • A leadership model so you can clearly identify developmental barriers and performance variances to start taking action at the right place.
    • Support of a well-rounded consulting and coaching services during all phases of the project; before, during and after any developmental process.

    The above means you can identify the right action to generate the right results, saving time, money and most importantly end with a customized system and model to enhance employee capability, leverage with what you currently have. We will  help you design the steps for both improvement and leadership development.

    Discover our Core HR Leadership Developmental Services and check how we work at each developmental level.


    Develop employee capability and design support systems.

    Our research in  Organizational Effectiveness has indicated that the root cause for the lack of employee engagement and innovation lies in four main aspects of leadership development;

    1. improper management decision making,

    2. poor team relationship building,

    3. conflicting priorities and

    4. timely feedback.

    These issues damage trust, team relationships, productivity, initiative and innovation.

    We will help you design a solid leadership development model specific for your company, organizational culture and goals. Find out how this works! Request a demo of our Core HR Leadership Developmental Models®

Organization Intelligence

  • Organizational Development
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership Development Models
  • Systems Alignment
  • Employee climate and satisfaction

Leadership Development

  • Developmental Coaching Systems
  • Talent Development
  • Learning, Change and Growth
  • Design and Support
  • Relationship Building

Leadership Capability

  • Capability Levels
  • Management Competencies
  • Management Accountability
  • Performance Management
  • Systems Improvement
  • 360 Evaluations

Personal Leadership

  • Executive Coaching
  • Performance Competencies
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Attitudes and Work Motivators
  • Relationship Management